Diving Championships Assignment

  • Alex Johnson

    The solution/marking states that for the program design the candidate requires to:

    • design of modular program showing data flow

    Would a structure diagram with data flow indicated be sufficient or should it be pseudocode with data flow?

    Clare Braisby

    Hi Alex,

    This is the assignment we are doing. I will double check my notes from the Verification meeting. I would think that as long as the data flow is evident on the structure diagram then this would meet design of modular program showing data flow. I would ensure there is pseudocode for Input of external file, input validation, finding min/max, calculation of score and output of information to cover design to meet specification.

    I am currently working through the database part of it. Can anyone suggest how you find the top diver from each country? I think I must be over-complicating this part. I am using Microsoft Access.

    Mark Hay

    We did this last year but although the program was more straight forward our candidates found the queries difficult, we had to make 3 queries, one to find the total scores for each diver, one to find the max score for each country and then feed that query into one to find the top from each country. Would have our solution floating about somewhere – are trying choral shield this year.

    Alex Johnson

    Hi Clare,

    Thanks for that, I’ll go with your suggestion. We did the same as Mark Hay, we had to make 3 queries, each one building on the previous one. I’ve tried to attach the solution in Access here so you can see the design of each query. If it doesn’t attach, send me an e-mail: gw12johnsonalex@glow.sch.uk and I’ll email it to you.


    Peter Thoresen

    Having done (the more straightforward) Choral Shield task with my classes this year, I am being asked to verify someone else’s Diving Championship task.

    My understanding is that analysis should be based solely on the task problem (which for Diving Championship is brief and without sample data).

    From this the only database inputs are Country, Diver ID, Event ID and position, which then follows through to the students’ design.

    There is no requirement to include either Anthem, Flag, Diver Name, Venue or Event Date as part of the analysis or design – the first time pupils should even know about these is after they have given a correct design for the implementation stage.

    If these additional fields appear in a student’s analysis or design, should they not be penalised for working backwards from a given solution?

    Peter Thoresen

    Update – I see that all fields appear in the pupil’s design template.

    However, the additional fields should still not appear anywhere in the analysis stage of the task (other than possibly in assumptions).

    Ann Stewart-Kmicha

    Can I advise that you check that you are using the updated version of the “Candidate template”
    Did Diving Championship this year using FileMaker Pro 12

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