Diving Championship – Number of Divers

  • Scott Leiper

    Just a quick poll, didn’t predict the question, but can a country enter 0 divers in the competition. Can anyone see a possible problem with a student designing their solutions to handle zero divers in the competition, or just a country not entering any?

    Darren Brown

    Hi Scott,

    In the Database given all 3 divers from each of the 5 countries (15 divers) are all entered for each of the 5 qualifying events. This is why the results table for qualifying has 75 records (15 divers x 5 events) in it as soon as they get it.

    The end result of the Queries is the top scoring diver from each country so for the Final each country has a participant to enter. My answer would be no the data for a diver from each country is there.

    My question is for the program where the pupils are to enter their own scores 5 times for each diver a few pupils have asked if it is ok to extend the read file with diver name, nationality and just put their scores in once to the csv file to be read.

    I think this seems sensible, it says scores between 0 and 10 but not necessarily have to be input validated in the program.

    Lee Murray

    Scott: there will always be 5 entries for the final; the user doesn’t get a choice. Even if the pupil doesn’t get the output from the database correct, there is a provided CSV file they can use.

    dbrown: I would say that there has to be some user interaction with regards to the program. Because it mentions a score of 0 to 10, I would think that input validation is required, which is obviously not possible if everything is entered via a text file.

    Also, one of the bullet points for Stage 2: Building a solution for ‘the final’ mentions creating a test plan. The test plan would be pretty brief if the entire input was in a single text file.

    Test plan:
    Step 1, run the program.


    Colin McAlpine

    For the test plan, I created a few different files for the program to run with

    A file where all finalists have the same total points
    A “normal” file with one winner
    A file where two teams end up with the same total points

    Scott Leiper

    My question was badly worded, but on thinking about it the question I meant to ask doesn’t really apply either, I was asked about the Analysis Stage and if they should mention a possibility that no divers from a country could be entered, I said there was nothing in the specification that said that said there needs to be, only that there can’t be more than 3 from each, and there can’t be more than 5 countries, and that all competitors take part in all 5 dives.

    But my realisation was, even if they did make mention of this in their analysis, it wouldn’t gain or lose them any marks so they can interpret that part of the database however they like, as at that moment, I have not told them they are getting a semi-complete database to use.

    As for the program inputs, the only things, from my reading, that should be input from the text file are the names and their countries. The program should be setup to validate the inputs from the judges are between 0 and 10

    Darren Brown

    We heard feedback from Higher Round 1 Verification that the 3 types of test data are not part of the content table so not required.

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