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  • James Brennan

    Good morning everyone,

    I have recently started this task with my Higher class and according the guidance documents I should be supplying a file with Friday’s data for the database section as well as an incomplete database for the orders table to be added.

    I am positive I have downloaded all the supplementary filed from the SQA secure site and cannot seem to find this. Is it just a case of creating it myself or using a student’s work that has been verified?

    I wasn’t too sure so would appreciate some guidance here if possible!

    Enrico Vanni

    You are correct in that you will have to create the partial database yourself.  .csv  and .xlsx files are provided containing the data for the three tables, so the presumption is that you will import these into your chosen database package (but be careful if you decide to import the Excel versions of the files into Access as whoever created the files didn’t take enough care to set the data types of the cells so that these would translate correctly into the database design).


    So much for reduction of workload…!


    Hi James

    From what I understand the Friday (orders) are generated as a csv file by the programming part of the task and this then forms the data to import into your orders table.


    Mark Hay

    Hi James,

    We made the database and imported the files if it is of any help. Drop me an email We didn’t use the excel files to create we use the CSV files.

    Kind regards,



    James Brennan

    Thanks to everyone for their help with this. I thought this might be the case but just assumed I may have missed something given the candidate instructions:

    “<span style=”text-indent: 0cm;”>Once you have completed this, your assessor will then give you a partially completed database with populated ‘Ticket and Customer’ tables and the finalised design.”

    I have now imported both CSV files into Access and will make this available to students at that stage. Thanks again to everyone for confirming this for me. I really appreciate it!</span>
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    Stuart Walker

    Hi Mark ,

    Would it be possible to have a copy of the partial DB for Choral Shield as well please?




    Alan McGregor

    CompEdNet doesn’t allow .accdb files to be uploaded, so I have uploaded the file I issue to students here:!3k1GTIIB!9xgdGjZip_I5lu9eQMAd1-bFVWBTpTVXEb11UvRj3ig

    It is the partial database with the 2x supplied tables.


    Hi Alan,

    If you zip the file that should be ok.


    Alan McGregor

    Zipped file now up.


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