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  • kerry mcmahon

    Afternoon everyone,

    I was on BBC Bitesize the other day and i noticed some errors that are worth pointing out to pupils so that they dont end up learning the wrong thing. I’m talking about the definition of
    Scope at the analysis stage in the SDD unit. Bitesize have described scope with regard to scope of variables and not scope of the project, as defined by the SQA. They describe it as:

    scope – refers to the different levels of visibility within a given program

    and in an example gave:

    Example one

    Software should be created to allow a user to enter ten numbers.

    Each number must be validated to make sure that it is no less than 0 and no more than 100.

    The program should keep a running total of the numbers entered and output the final total.


    The scope of this example would likely be local – a programmer might want to use this program as some kind of subroutine. It would be useful to have all variables held as local instead of global

    so, i thought i’d point that out in case anyone was using this resource or referring pupils to it. I’ve emailed them, but as yet, haven’t had a response.


    Iain Purdie

    Good spot. They will reply (eventually). I spotted an error in the N5 notes around what the SQA will accept as a mantissa and exponent. It took them a couple of weeks, but it was fixed.

    Enrico Vanni

    I find it interesting and very telling that this has occurred. It shows exactly what you would expect can happen when the same term is used in two different contexts within the same unit in the same course. If a professional writing revision notes gets confused about this then how are our students supposed to cope?

    Iain Purdie

    Enrico – because they have teachers like us to spot these issues, clarify them with the SQA and deliver them in the correct and detailed context 😉

    kerry mcmahon

    Exactly, its not rocket science. it was all made clear arrangements.

    Iain Purdie

    For clarity:

    SQA appendix 2 gives a clear list of the deliverables within the scope of a project in the design stage.

    The scope of local and global variables relates to implementation.

    The term scope is valid in both instances.

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