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  • Joe Kane

    Hi everyone,

    BBC Bitesize content for N5 and Higher Computing has been extensively revised to reflect the changes in the CAS documents released by the SQA before summer. Large parts of both guides have been updated.

    All ‘new’ content is covered at both levels. As Bitesize is primarily a revision resource, all code examples have been changed to reference language to help pupils prepare for prelims and exams and to avoid alienating pupils who did not code in the previous language of choice from the BBC. However, the Higher section on Standard Algorithms does include examples in a range of HLL’s.

    The resource is free to access.

    Higher Homepage –

    N5 Homepage –

    You may spot one or two errors, the very final changes are being applied this week. If you do see any glaring mistakes please post here as they can be rectified to ensure that all pupils have access to accurate material.

    The N4 guide will be fully updated within a week and is set up to act as a stepping stone to N5, with some N5 content dropped down to the N4 guides for this reason. Please allow at least a week for N4 changes to be fully reflected on the main site. The N4 homepage is here:

    A bitesize revision mobile app was developed for N5 and Higher Computing Science but was released prior to the CAS update. For this reason pupils would be better off using the main site. At the time of writing there are no plans from the BBC to update the App during this academic year but the main website links above are now live and fully up to date.



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