Backpacker Task: How do I start AutoNumber at 1000?

  • lynn donald

    The files given from SQA have the Traveller ID field starting at 1001.
    I can do a backward solution for his using an Append Query but don’t think this is ideal..
    Can anyone tell me how to do this easily?

    Moira Feldman

    I got this to start at the first number required last year by creating a feeder table. Goodness knows how we are meant to be able to know how to do everything that is in this assessment!

    Enrico Vanni

    Again, the question has to be asked (and the answer is fairly obvious based on the evidence) – are these assessments being piloted to see that they are possible with the resources available, and can be overcome without unnecessary and time-consuming pitfalls being encountered that do not actually contribute to measuring outcomes and skills?


    Both the append query and feeder table are solutions but they take time.

    You could set the Format of the Field in the Table to be /1000 (there are problems with doing this when you get to 1999 if you have a large database). The first record will start at 1001.
    If the pupil took the easy option and started it at 1001 would this be enough to say the pupil has not passed that Task in the assessment? I would hope not.

    Whatever way it was done it the supplied files to get it to start at 1000 is not obvious.

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