August 2013 Start

  • stuart.baird

    We have been instructed to start a two-year Computing Science Higher in August 2013.

    We’re looking to start with the Software Design and Development unit.

    Is anyone in a similar position for August 2013?

    Darren Brown

    No. As a regional group we are talking more about the problem of a lot of pupils may be N4 when our heads/authority bosses might think they can get through N5.

    We are emphasising this point early – with a lack of Computing in younger years and the real need for programming understanding. Most Computing teachers in the region who have been teaching the course are now actually mentioning N3 quite a bit.

    Robert Young

    We are also worried about what levels guidance are putting pupils into since they clearly haven’t looked at any speciman papers for subjects. They are of the opinion that anyone can be forced through N5 with a back up of plan of doing the N4 Added Value Unit. Though not sure how I get that all taught in a year.

    Like dbrown the problem is the lack of Computing in the lower years.

    Stuart are you not presenting Higher 2014 then?


    We will be presenting pupils for Higher Computing in 2014. These pupils will come from the second-year of a two year Higher class and pupils from a one-year Higher class.

    And thanks for the comments so far.

    Peter W Donaldson

    Hi Stuart,

    Do you mean session 2014/2015? The first set of new Higher Computing Science exams will take place in 2015. In 2014 the only exams at Higher will be the old Computing and Information Systems qualifications.


    Hi Peter,

    Yes, in 2013-2014 we will be presenting for the ‘old’ Higher Computing. The ‘new’ Higher Computing Science will dual-run alongside the ‘old’ course within the faculty for single class who will be due for presentation in 2014-2015.

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