2023 Assignment

  • Alasdair Sharp

    Has anyone downloaded the coursework assignments and would be willing to email me the files (asharp@boclair.e-dunbarton.sch.uk)?
    Our SQA Coordinator changed recently and the login for SQA Secure hasn’t been sorted out yet.

    Alasdair Sharp

    All good now. Thanks.

    Lee Murray

    Has anyone had a chance to review the assignment? Obviously I don’t want to talk about the questions or the solutions (this is not a secure forum), but I do want to mention how difficult it is compared to previous assignments, especially the last question of the database section. I couldn’t think of a reasonable answer to it that a pupil could be expected to provide.

    I don’t think the assignment is too difficult, but that last one just seemed a bit ‘out there’. Maybe I’m missing something that hints at the answer, but I keep thinking about the infinite possibilities of how you would actually implement a solution.

    Also, I’m not that worried because it’s a single mark and is likely the very last question my pupils will attempt, so no big deal.

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    Craig Duffy

    I’ve coded my solution in Python 3 and I agree it seems very difficult compared to previous years – just given the amount of really wordy requirements etc.

    I’ve only looked at SDD and WDD since we aren’t doing DDD. WDD was totally fine.


    I agree, the last question ???? and yes it does seem a bit more difficult this year. I really had to think about 2c. hurt my head but got there.

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