2015 Higher Computing Science Course Report Release Date?

  • Scott Leiper

    Do we know when this will be released, are we talking the end of September? It’s like an itch I can’t scratch wondering why my class did as poorly when they all walked out of the exam saying how fair it was and nothing they hadn’t expected, some were actually pretty happy and confident.

    Marc McWhirter

    I thought I read somewhere that they were not going to be releasing reports for the new National qualifications. Perhaps I misunderstood, though?

    Alex Johnson

    I don’t mean to sound disparaging but the course report will not give you the answers your looking for – only you can do this via effective self-evaluation. Yes it will give generalised information on areas of the exam pupils, in general, struggled with and require better preparation with however that’s for the entire cohort across Scotland that sat the exam. Do you have colleagues in the Local Authority that are saying the same thing? Do you have an opportunity to meet with them and discuss what you can all do to improve the results for next year? Did a school you know of do particularly well? If so get over to them and farm as much information from them as possible – what’s their recipe for success? I hope this comes across as supportive as that is how I am meaning it.

    Peter Thoresen

    No course report, but the marking schemes for this year’s Computing Science exams are now on SQA website – long after other subjects.

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