HTML / CSS – Serif WebPlus X7, anyone with resources?

  • aburness

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently doing a long term supply role teaching Computing at S1 & S3 level (as well as Business, Administration and many PSE classes) at Charleston Academy in Inverness.

    As many of you know, there are few schools in the Highlands that teach Computer Science, too many council cuts and I guess some don’t think Computing is a ‘key subject’ these days!!! Strange where England is going the other way!

    I’m a qualified Computing teacher hoping to find work in Inverness city and am keen to get as many pupils interested in Computer Science here while I am here, even if it’s for a non official course.

    Anyway, on the Web Authoring topic having just started in January I am teaching my S1 class HTML & CSS at the moment using Notepad ++.

    I’d like to move onto a Web Authoring package, I liked MS Frontpage 2003 which I thought was great for S1 classes or Dreamweaver (at International Schools they could afford all that).

    However there is Serif WebPlus X7 on the machines here, although it doesn’t look easy to use at first glance.

    Does anyone have any resources on this? I have searched the internet for school type resources, it looks very different to anything I have used before and can’t find anything that fits an S1 class (or even S3 later on).

    Any help with resources would be greatly appreciated. I know many schools don’t like teachers using Weebly and other online Web Authoring packages that requires personal detail registration.

    I am settling back into the State Sector after working many years in the International School scene, one of the benefits of the International Schools is I’m used to just asking for software, no matter the cost, and it would be installed the following week. Here it is obviously different and it is taking some getting used to.

    Anyway, thought I’d ask.

    Kind regards,
    Alan Burness

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