D6RC 11 – Introduction to Computer Animation

  • stuart.baird

    This unit looked, after a couple of glances, as a possibility for a short course.

    Just wondering if anyone has completed this unit with pupils and what animations they used as evidence for outcomes 2 and 3.

    On the SQA Academy websites it mentions:

    “For Outcomes 2 and 3 you will need to design and produce two animation, choosing from the following:

    * a rocket flying in space
    * a title sequence
    * a character in motion

    Each of your animations should be 20 seconds long. One must be produced using a 2D-animation technique, the other using a 3D-animaiton technique.”

    On the Unit Specification it mentions that the pupils need to create three animations, or six in total.

    I’m sure to have misread something but I’m not too sure what. Any suggestions?

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