Hardware needed for Cyber Security??

  • David Jack

    I am hoping to run Cyber Security next year and I am currently looking into the resources that are available.

    I am also wondering what hardware others would recommend I need in order to deliver the course effectively? I believe that it is not possible to deliver some of the content on school networked computers due to security restrictions.

    Do other schools use standalone laptops or do they create a LAN within the classroom with machine not connected to the school network? If so, what hardware would you recommend to do this as easily, and cheaply, as possible?

    Is the LAN necessary or can the content be delivered via LAMP software?

    David Jack

    Also could Raspberry Pi’s be used?

    Ken Milligan

    I’ve got space and tech issues so have looked at virtualising the entire hacking unit. Realy positive discussion today with Microsoft, looks like we can implement a hacking lab in a virtualised sandbox for what appears to be a fair price. Hope to see a demo soon, will update with review soon.

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