Raspberry Pi

  • dchappelle

    Anyone planning on getting one these when they become available in a couple of weeks time?




    Does anybody think it might be worth trying to build a National 4/5 Computing and Info Science course around it?

    Peter W Donaldson

    Hi Douglas,


    I saw a demo of one of the developers boards at a meeting I was at in October and I have to say that it was very impressive. I’m not sure if I’ll get a developers board but I do know that the Raspberry Pi foundation are working with a number of Computing At School working members on software, educational materials and configuration of a learning version of the Pi which will have a case and be a bit more robust. I think they are planning on releasing the retail version in March of next year.


    I think the raspberry pi would be particularly useful for teaching topics such as computer systems, embedded systems and networking in a much more engaging way. The board has GPIO pins on it which allow someone to connect and control actuators and sensors with it.

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