National 5 assignment

  • Ray Krachan

    Would it be expected at this level, to have pupils integrate a programe language with their database? Should we be aiming for this at this level?

    Chris Wilson



    Looking at the spec. for Information Systems Design and Development (structures and links section) contains the following…

    • database structure: flat file, linked tables

    • field types (text, numbers, date, time, graphics, calculated, link, Boolean)

    • field lengths and range

    • key field

    • web site, page, URL

    • hyperlink (internal, external), navigation

    • frames, sequence

    I feel very strongly that this would best be delivered by real web application development.  The ideal setup would be pupils using Dreamweaver which integrates brilliantly with PHP/MySQL and which could be run using EasyPHP to turn pupil machines into local ‘testing’ web servers.


    We could easily have pupils creating and publishing on-line databases.  Acitvities could include things like developing your own mini-Twitter service etc.  Loads of possibilities.


    Anyone else having thoughts along these lines?




    Ray Krachan

    I agree to an extent, but in an assignment worth 60 marks, the Software design and Development unit needs to be incorporated into it also. The spec for Information systems design and development are similar to Info Systems just now. Databases could be used to simply store information, then a program could be written to compliment the information in the Database?

    Integrating databases, web apps and programming would be better suited to Higher?



    Chris Wilson

    “Integrating databases, web apps and programming would be better suited to Higher?”


    I’m really hoping that H Grade would introduce a greater complexity to the problems being solved etc and that we could be using the earlier years to familiarise pupils with the web application/database/programming way of working.  Besides, with the right tools it’s fun!


    Would certainly make the subject appear more relevant in my opinion.



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