Level 3 E's and O's

  • Alan Robertson

    Now that the dust is starting to settle on the changes to N5 and Higher, my department is starting to look again at the updated E’s & O’s for computing science. The issue that we are having is that when we look at some of the outcome and benchmarks we are struggling to come to a consensus with respect to what they mean and to which depth they should be taught.

    Currently we’re looking at these outcomes:

    I can describe different fundamental information processes and how they communicate and can identify their use in solving different problems
    TCH 3-13a

    I am developing my understanding of information and can use an information model to describe particular aspects of a real world system
    TCH 3-13b

    We’re considering updating our database unit and looking at delivering a lesson or 2 on searching and sorting theory so that we meet TCH 3-13a. In particular we would be asking the pupils to follow algorithms to carry out sorting and searching using numbered cards, and using what they have learned to identify situations where searching and sorting takes place. eg a sort on item prices from a shopping website.


    With respect to TCH 3-13b, we are thinking that the creation of a simple data dictionary would showing fields and types would be enough.

    Any thoughts on this as an approach or different approaches would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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