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  • davywelsh

    My department has been allocated £800 to spend this financial year. I had planned to buy 2 class sets of the John Walsh book but as its not released until 2014, I can’t! I now have a week to decide what the money should be spent on. It has to be linked to the Senior Phase and supplement Learning & Teaching. I am thinking software/hardware but am indecisive. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    Lee Murray

    You could get a stand alone computer and install XAMPP on it (or similar) to do server side scripting and other things that may be blocked by IT policy.


    Can you not pre-order the books?


    Unfortunately not Tracey as all financial transactions for this financial year have to be spent by the end of January to allow the authority to tie it all up by April. I tried but it’s fallen on deaf ears! Thanks for the suggestion of the stand alone Lee, however, I was thinking more about software, perhaps animation software. Any other suggestions would be welcomed

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