Ability to meet all outcomes

  • Ray Krachan

    Are people struggling to hit all the relevant TCH lvl 4 outcomes on only one period a week?
    I have S3 once a week, and a lesson that may take 6-7 periods to cover takes a whole term, not counting for absences etc.



    According to this briefing we are not obliged to cover every level 4 e and o. Like you I have s3 for 1 Comp Sci period a week. We are just trying to make sure the more able ones have the chance to work level 4 but we aren’t trying to cover every level 4 e and o. Don’t know if this is how others see it. The hundreds of pages of documents we are expected to sift through makes it very difficult to be confident we are doing what is required.


    s3 is “when learners complete their entitlement to the Broad General Education (BGE), including all of the experiences and outcomes (Es and Os) to third level”

    Elsewhere it states “How will we ensure learning in S3 stretches into fourth level and beyond? There is no ceiling to the level at which young people can learn in S3. Many will want to stretch their learning beyond third and fourth levels and be
    very capable of doing so, and some will go higher still. “

    Lorraine Muir

    We have tried to complete all E &Os to level 3 by half way through S3. From then on we are working on Nat 4 work some of which also incorporates level 4 E & Os. It is impossible for all depts in all schools to deliver to the same level as we all seem to have different allocation of time. Our problem is that S4 will only come 4 periods a week @ 50mins each. If you time from Aug to end April to allow for exam leave this is well short of the nominal 160hours required hence I have had to start Woking on the Nat 4 materials. What is everyone else doing?

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