2016-04-17 CompEdNet Site Update

  • chalove


    I’ve spent the last 48+ hours rebuilding, tweaking, optimising the site and designing OpenBadges to be earned by CompEdNet members. I hope you like the new site and I would be really keen to hear your thoughts on this forum.

    The file uploads issue will be worked on over the next few weeks but you are able to upload files (as the system notice says, it just takes a wee bit of time in large groups!).

    So, what do you think?



    May or may not be related to the last update, but I have repeatedly tried to post a comment to an update on the AH group today, and got nowhere – no action, no feedback, or rather just a grayed out text box and then nothing. Only one out of a number of attempts succeeded (and that one was accidental as I had not realised that pressing _Return_ would submit the comment).

    Chrome browser on Windows 7.


    Thanks David, will look into it – would really appreciate it if members could post issues and I’ll do my best to resolve them.

    Many thanks


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