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    Class sizes in the BGE? In light of SALs and HGIOS4 there has been a bit of a push around our way to re-evaluate how we are meeting the needs of learners within the BGE. After reading the SALs PLP, the Principles and Practice Paper and that bit in HGIOS 4 that mentions us, I've taken a slightly different perspective on arguing for Practical sets in S1-3. It is plainly obvious that these main reference documents for the BGE describe a Practical subject and that the experiences we have to provide our learners to meet their needs within it are predominantly practical. Therefore, I have made it quite clear to management that it seems our pupils, in class sizes of up to 30, may not be able to get the experiences aspired to within these curriculum documents. This of course had no effect whatsoever. We'll always try to give the very best of course. But if we've to ponder these documents we might as well do it without Pollyanna, be realistic and truthful. We can maybe even ask for advice from our advisers on how this contradiction of resources may be tackled. I've attached a summary of these docs highlighted to show their description of our subject as Practical. Regards Stu