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  • Jeremy Scott

    Could colleagues tell me which platform (and version if possible) they’re using in their department? If you know the situation across an entire local authority, that would be useful.




    Kevin Rodger

    Independent school: – Windows 7 on machines replaced in August.  Windows XP on the others.  Office 2010 on all machines.



    Sean Stratton

    North Lanarkshire School: Windows XP, Office 2k3 pro on departmental machines. Various specs




    West Lothian School: Windows XP and Office 2003


    West Lothian School

    40 iMac intel core2Duo white, upgrading to 2GB and OS X 10.7 Lion

    Using Open Office / Libre Office, BlueJ Java

    20 PC running winXP and MS Office 2007

    Rest of school on PC winXP

    LA policy to buy replace with MS on HP/DELL.


    Argyll and Bute school.  Mix of Windows 7 and XP, moving towards all Win 7.  Office 2003,7,10 mix.  Various specs.  It’s a mix throughout Argyll and Bute although there is a refresh scheme on the go with all 4 year old machines being replaced in all schools and Win 7 installed.

    Robert Young

    Scottish Borders: Windows XP and Office 2003 on all machines but the new roll out of new machines should start next summer hopefully.


    Stromness Academy Orkney

    20 Mac mini 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1GB AM

    triple boot Mac OS10.5, WindowsXP and Linux(Fedora)

    MSOffice 2003

    rest of school on Windows XP

    Peter W Donaldson

    Perth and Kinross Council currently in the midst of migrating from a Windows XP with Novell Networks environment to Windows 7 with Windows Server 2008 (I think). There are a variety of specs but all of the machines in the migrated school’s meet the minimum requirements for running Windows 7. All migrated schools have Microsoft Office 2010 with Infopath, Onenote and Publisher as standard with other school’s still to migrate having Microsoft Office 2003 with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access as standard.


    The following school’s and their associated Primary’s have definitely migrated so far:- Perth Academy, Perth High School, Crieff High School and The Community School of Auchterarder. There might be one or two others but I don’t have a migration schedule to hand.


    The rest of the school’s will migrate over the next year and a half with the migration due to be completed, I think, by Summer 2013 at the latest.




    Jeremy Scott

    This is really useful – keep the replies coming!



    Mrs Janet McDonald

    Another independant.  We’re using Windows 7 on PCs across the school (various specs & laptops as well as desktops) and Office 2010.


    Janet McDonald



    And yet another independent, we also use Windows 7 and Office 2010.



    oban , argyll and bute. XP in the computing rooms, running office 2003. Computers just have 500Mb RAM which is a pain.

    Throughout the school there is a mixture of XP and recently replaced machines have windows 7 and office 2007.



    Erik Stevenson

    Kirkwall Grammar School Orkney

    2 Classrooms of Lenovo PCs the less powerful of which are 1.6Ghz with 1Gb of RAM, WindowsXP, MSOffice 2003, the rest of the school is a mix of PCs and Macs.


    All computers in computing have the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox but also have IE8 installed, not that it gets used at all! Majority of pupils now use Chrome instead of Firefox as their browser of preference.


    Hopefully our computers should be getting changed in the summer.


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