• Jeremy Scott

    It’s great to see so many people have joined the group already – several before even I did 🙂

    The basis of this project is to support teaching of C & IS in S1-3, with scope for reaching either side of that range. I’ve pulled a couple of points from the original proposal to give colleagues an idea of what the project’s about:

    “- The exemplification would map out curriculum plans, practical experiences and the breadth and depth of treatment appropriate at each stage, and would identify the stages at which fundamental computing concepts, processes and practices should be introduced and developed. It would examine how best – and at what level – the principles of Computing and Information Science might emerge, and how cross-disciplinary linkages might be created. The exemplification would also explore how the curriculum could best prepare and serve those who will not specialise in computing but for whom knowledge and understanding of the discipline is necessary to prepare them as informed citizens.

    – The exemplification for Computing and Information Science would support teachers’ thinking about how they might go about translating the intentions of the curriculum into classroom activity or elsewhere. It would not prescribe what should be taught or when but, rather, stimulate innovation and offer teachers the flexibility and opportunity to deploy their creativity and teacher skills in meeting the needs of learners. Given that the National Curriculum in England is being reviewed and the Royal Society of London2 is leading a major investigation into the way in which Computing is taught in schools, there is scope for the exemplification to have UK-wide applicability. Consideration would be given to how expert teachers can contribute to informing these initiatives.”

    I’ve just started the project and am very much at the fact-finding stage; I’m therefore looking for opinions and ideas from as many people as possible, so don’t be shy about posting. I’m especially keen to hear about any interesting courses/topics being taught, so if you or someone you know is doing something interesting, please let me know. I’d be happy to come and visit, if that would suit.

    Finally, a special thanks to Charlie for setting up this group and being so supportive about the project. I’m sure everyone here would agree that he’s a huge asset to Scottish Computing education and CompEdNet is a fantastic resource.


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