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  • Jeremy Scott

    Please let me know if you’d be willing to trial materials for the RSE/BCS C & IS Exemplification project.


    The first pack will be on Mobile App Development (using App Inventor). The materials will be ready to trial mid-late January and would be suitable for pupils who had, say, done some Scratch already – I’m thinking S3/4, but could perhaps be used with some S2 classes.


    After this, there will be packs on Introduction to Computer Science (using Scratch) and “Intermediate” Computer Science (using Scratch/BYOB). These packs are intended for use prior to Mobile App Development, but for various reasons, are being developed out of sequence.


    Please reply via email to





    PS I’m aware that App Inventor is being transitioned to MIT and will be down for a while from 1st January. Don’t worry – pilot schools will have access to another instance of App Inventor during the trial.

    Pamela Boal



    We would be delighted to trial some of the materials for you.  Once, we have recieved the materials we will try to fit them into the curriculum for their intended audience.


    Pamela Boal

    Morrison’s Academy, Crieff

    Chris Wilson

    Would also love to be involved! Timing is great as we’re doing scratch with s2 right now. Ths would be a most welcome alteration to our New Year course plan!

    Chris Wilson
    St. Benedict’s High, Renfrewshire.

    Chris Aitken

    Wick High would love to be involved in trialing the material. We are currrently trying to emphasise CS over ICT and this would help greatly.


    Peter W Donaldson

    Hello Jeremy,


    we would also be able to pilot the materials with either all of our current S2 pupils or at least one of our S3 Standard Grade classes. The Intermediate Computer Science unit would also be very welcome as our plan was to introduce more programming concepts using BYOB before we transistioned to a textual programming language towards the end of our new S2-3 Computing course.


    Peter Donaldson

    Crieff High School

    Colin McAlpine

    Would love to help you out, send anything my way too, thanks!




    This sounds great. What level of CfE are they aimed at? I think we may have a problem using App Inventor (I’ve asked for it unblocked but no success so far) but would love to try the Scratch stuff.



    Robert Young

    We would love to be involved too.


    Hi Jeremy

    We would also like to be involved in the project and would be delighted to trial the materials for you.  We had planned to use Scratch with S2 next term.  When we receive the materials we can look at how best use them.


    Enza Gibson

    Arbroath High School






    Jeremy Scott



    > I think we may have a problem using App Inventor (I’ve asked for it unblocked but no success so far)


    What authority/school are you in?






    Love to give the materials a run-out next term, especially the Mobile App Developer resources.


    John McGivern

    Johnstone High School


    Hi Jeremy

    I would also like to be involved in the project and would be delighted to trial the materials for you.


    We currently use Scratch with 1st years.


    When we receive the materials we would at where we could use them, possibly an elective.


    I would need to have a look at the  material with a view to which Cfe level it suits


    Best Wishes



    Joe Kane

    Hi Jeremy,

    At John Ogilvie we would be happy to help out as well.



    Hi Jeremy


    Look forward to trying out your materials at The James Young High School. I feel that mobile app development will capture pupils imagination.





    Sean Stratton

    Isn’t App Inventor being dropped by Google?

    I know there will be an open source release of the project.


    I got this on the 10th of November


    Dear App Inventor User,

    As we announced on the App Inventor Announcement Forum, Google will end support for App Inventor on December 31, 2011, after which data in will not be accessible and will be deleted from Google servers.  You can preserve your App Inventorprojects by simply clicking on the Download All Projects button on your My Projects page.  This will download to your computer a zipped archive of all your projects.  We recommend you retrieve your projects well before December 31st.

    By the end of 2011 Google will also be making the complete App Inventor source code publicly available under an open source license, so that anyone can study the code and modify it as they desire.

    In order to ensure the future success of App Inventor, Google has funded the establishment of a Center for Mobile Learning at the MIT Media Lab.  Sometime in the first quarter of 2012, the Center plans to provide an App Inventor service for general public access, similar to the one Google is currently running.

    In order for you to continue working with your projects in an open source instance (MIT or otherwise) of App Inventor you will need to download your data from appinventorbeta.combefore December 31st and later upload them to an open source instance as it becomes available.

    Please visit the App Inventor user forums to get future updates on App Inventor.  You can also visit for updates on what is being done with AppInventor at MIT.

    The App Inventor Team

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