Information Everywhere: An Introduction to Web-based Information Systems published

  • Jeremy Scott

    Information Everywhere: An Introduction to Web-based Information Systems

    This resource has been developed by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) and the British Computer Society (BCS) Academy of Computing to support a subset of the Information Systems Design & Development Unit of Scottish National 4 Computing Science. It seeks to consolidate learners’ understanding of modern Information Systems concepts, through study of web technologies, including HTML and CSS.

    The resource can also be used to introduce Information Systems Design & Development in the National 5 course as well as support a number of the Level 3/4 Computing Science outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence.

    While this resource has been designed to be used as a standalone resource, learners would benefit from having covered some Computing Science prior to this – possibly via earlier packs in the RSE/BCS series on Computing Science.

    As well as lessons, exercises and sample answers, this resource contains suggested supplementary activities and inter-disciplinary learning opportunities.

    Above all, this resource should not be seen as prescriptive. It contains guidance and suggestions as to the kinds of approach which can make learning more engaging, whilst fostering computational thinking and greater understanding of Computing Science concepts in learners.

    This resource was partially funded by a grant from Education Scotland.

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