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  • Jeremy Scott

    The Royal Society of Edinburgh/British Computer Society Computing Science Exemplification Project, has now been extended into a third and final year. I’ve been seconded again for one day per week to take the project through to its conclusion – but hopefully not its end…!

    The primary focus for session 2013-14 year will be to “open source” the project and hand it over to the community in a way that will make it self-sustaining. We’re therefore looking for volunteer writers who could perform tasks such as:

    • updating existing RSE resources in light of new versions of software
    (e.g. updating Pack 1: Starting from Scratch to make it “Scratch 2.0-compliant”)
    • extend the current resources by introducing more optional or extension tasks
    • enhance the resources with additional apps

    If you’re interested in joining a small team of volunteer writers to work on this, please email me at and attach 2/3 pages of sample materials you’ve produced. I do realise that everyone’s focussing on N4/5 just now, but the idea is that this will continue to update and create materials we can all use in the classroom, so please do consider

    Also, please don’t be put off by the request for sample work – this will very much be about peer support and review, seeking practical ideas about how the project materials can be enhanced/improved.


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