• Mrs Janet McDonald


    I’m looking at the unit assessment support packs for the Software Design and Development unit of the new AH and I’m struggling to find Sample Responses anywhere in the packs to give me some idea of the level of depth of answer that SQA are looking for at AH. Examples of Candidates Responses appear at Higher and N5 in the UASPs – have they been missed out at AH… and if so, why?! Or am I just being exceptionally blind in trying to find them 😉

    Either way, some feedback would be appreciated – does anyone know where I can find these?

    Janet McDonald

    Seren Dipity

    Hi Janet

    The Adv H unit assessments won’t be able to be altered until next July when there should be sample responses added. Jacqueline Kiani

    David Muir

    We contacted the SQA about this and were told:

    “You are correct, no sample answers were provided for the AH SDD units. This is something I hope to provide for next session after the UASP’s have been reviewed and re-published. Unfortunately we can’t make any alterations to the UASP’s at this time.”

    This is more than “unfortunate”. I would venture that “ludicrous” was a more appropriate word. I can understand a reluctance to tinker with already published assessments but publishing sample answers now would not be an **alteration** to the assessment. The tasks the pupils have to complete would remain unchanged. It would simply be offering much needed guidance for beleaguered teachers.

    Is there any way to put pressure on the SQA to review this decision? C@SS? Unions?

    Ronnie Ross

    I meant to ask about this. My 2 who are doing it have completed this task, and task 2 for SDD. They asked me if they have passed task 1. My response was “I don’t know”. Looked ok to me, but I cannot be sure on the level of depth.

    David, you are spot on. It is madness. Simply asking for clarification, to know what level of depth is needed for the question based tasks required no re working of the assessment, and indeed it would seem to be a fundamental component. They seem to have missed the point entirely.

    Peter Thoresen

    I’ve edited (and corrected) the SDD Pack 2 assessment for Python programmers, including a sample solution for Task 2.

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