SDD USAP pack 2

  • jacqui crooks

    Does anybody have a VB solution to the Grand Prix task from SDD pack 2, that they would be willing to share? We are struggling with the data type to use for the fastest lap and the race time.


    Can anyone confirm to me that a CSV file would count for the file part? It says random file access. So I am wondering if it needs to be serialised records or something.

    Mark Adams



    Like many on here this is my first year with teaching AH Computing.

    So did any solution(s) come from the SQA regards SSD Unit 2 “Grand Prix” task?

    Any pointers would be most welcome..


    Mrs Janet McDonald

    The SQA didn’t issue solutions for any of the SDD Units at Advanced Higher… quite why AH SDD should differ from every other unit at every other level in Computing Science was never adequately explained.

    However, unless they have updated the UASPs for AH since this time last year (and they may have done – I haven’t checked), I would be wary about using the ones that are there just now. Many of the assessments didn’t actually cover the learning outcomes that they claimed to. SQA said they would let it go last year as it was their fault (which I think differs from their stance over the same issue at National 4 a few years ago), but I don’t know if they’ll continue with that this year or reissue the packs. I would double check before I used an old one ‘as is’…



    Use a String variable.

    Linda Robertson

    Hi did you get these resources?

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