Projects for new AH

  • Alan Furniss

    I’m curious to find out what projects pupils are doing with the new requirement to link up with another aspect of the course.

    The majority of my pupils are taking on what they likely would have done anyway, but swapping a csv file read for linking with a database table.

    Some though are taking on a database focused project with a simple web UI.

    Additionally, with the complete appendices published at this stage ( is anyone “in the loop” with regards to scholar materials being published?

    Alex McNeice

    Most of my pupils have projects with the main focus in web and tied to a database table. I have one pupil who wants to build a 4-table relational DB with a simple web front and one pupil who wants to code a game and link it with a simple website. With the last incarnation of AH, most pupils built a website that linked to a DB so this still seems to be the most popular option.

    Sadly, I have no idea about when the Scholar materials will be finished 🙁

    Viv MacDonald

    I’ve not delivered this course before so have nothing to compare it to. One of my students is developing software to manage parents’ evenings so that everyone gets an appointment: SDD and DBD. The other was struggling for ideas so I used the notes in Appendix 15 to AHC to suggest projects on the basis that those were the kind of things they were looking for… he’s currently looking at the SDD WDD recipe manager idea (p167).

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