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    “henderson_rm posted an update 6 hours, 20 minutes ago

    Hi, has anyone attempted the Advanced Higher unit assessment for Package 3 ISDD yet? I’m a bit lost and concerned at how much time I have left to get this done.”

    Have you finished the unit? sql, php and html forms take a while.
    I got my pupils to do UASP 2 Wild Scot Trust, assessment took a few weeks and delayed starting their projects. However unlike SDD at least these UASPs have some sample responses.

    Ronnie Ross

    Not me sorry, I was going to go with Package 2, though I didn’t look at P3 in too much depth. Does it look like a better option?

    My lot have done SDD, haven’t done too much in ISDD yet, working on SQL just now. Nightmare as I only see them 1 period per week (which isn’t guaranteed) . They will get there in the end though.

    jim sutherland

    Task 2 – Part 5 Create a server-side script to execute code that searches the animal table.

    Has anyone had success with identifying how pupils can achieve this with Access?

    Cheers Jim


    The table is very basic and query must be in SQL so no benefit or reason to use Access.

    If you have access to phpMyAdmin I’d use that. Scholar and other materials available. Peter Liddle has set one up anyone can create an account and use

    If you must use Access you still need a php webserver. Then configure php.ini to enable the PDO odbc driver. You put the .accdb file on server with .php pages. Can then use PDO to connect and query the database in php. It’s pretty similar to any MySQL examples just slightly different syntax. (The tough part is writing the php to process and validate the form, generate valid SQL then display results in a table )

    here’s an example php script to display a simple table from an access database (single table called Pupils with Forename, Surname and House fields , any other fields in results are ignored)

    $dbFile = realpath(“pupils.accdb”);
    $sql = “SELECT * FROM pupils”;
    $db = new PDO(“odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)};DBQ=$dbFile;”);
    $result = $db->query($sql);
    $rows = $result->fetchAll();
    echo “

    echo “

    Foreach ($rows as $r){
    $Forename = $r[“Forename”];
    $Surname = $r[“Surname”];
    $House = $r[“House”];
    echo “

    echo “
    Forename Surname House
    “.$Forename.” “.$Surname.” “.$House.”

    $db = null;

    PHP is horrible, good luck.

    Colin Drummond

    We have been looking at Package 3, as the pupils are familiar with using databases through and also LiveCode.

    Does anyone know what would need to be entered as the “Database Address”, as whatever I have tried will not connect to the database I have created.


    Anyone doing the WildScot trust AH ISDD unit assessment?
    My students have created their database and animals table using SQL and stored it in via phpmyadmin. However, they cannot connect to the database using their php code.

    Anyone had similar issues or have any solutions to this issue?

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