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  • Greg Reid

    Afternoon everyone.
    Morag has been working hard over the last few weeks and has completed a variety of design and implementation tasks for AH students to work through.
    These are now available from the Glow Computing Resources page.

    Al Friend

    Hi Greg

    Can you paste a link to the Glow Computing Resources page?



    This is the link to the National Technologies Community in Glow and the AH Computing Science resource library.

    NTC – AH Computing Science

    Greg Reid

    Thanks Charlie
    I don’t have access to Glow myself anymore so much appreciated.

    Greg Reid

    Couple of further AH resource announcements.

    Morag’s AH database notes should now all be in the Glow folder. These include
    – Design tasks
    – SQL implementation exercises
    – Homework exercises
    – Revision exercises
    – Accompaning databases

    Apologies to anyone waiting for the PHP notes I was going to produce for AH. Struggling to find time to do this due to editing proofs of my Python book for Feb publication. I’m going to leave this till next session now as I see Mark has uploaded some PHP notes. Morag is also going to supply the PHP notes she used in Clydeview for the Glow folder as well.

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