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  • Greg Reid

    Work has started on writing the appendices to be included in the revised AH course specification document.

    One of the planned appendices is to exemplify how to use the most common programming languages to connect to a database. I have previously connected to a database before using Python’s MyPySQL module and know that I can find colleagues with examples in VB but I also wish to exemplify livecode and Java.

    If you have example code for creating database connections using livecode or Java and would like to be involved in helping with this could you contact me (greg.reid@sqa.org.uk). A writing contract would be raised for any work you do preparing notes that I can incorporate into the appendix.

    Thanks for your help

    P.S. We have said each year that if you wish a part of the course exemplified further we are happy to add further appendices. If there is a specific area of the AH draft content grid that you wish to see in appendix form please let me know.

    Denis Soames

    I wonder if PHP is a given for inclusion considering the need for server-side programming languages in the course and the goal of information systems design and development?

    Mark Hay

    Hi Greg,

    For Python I was just going to use the default MYSQL Connector ( if it is of any use)

    import mysql.connector

    db = mysql.connector.connect(
    #mac only (not required for windows)


    print(“Connection ID:”, db.connection_id)

    Greg Reid

    I actually finished the first draft of this appendix today. With the help of a couple of others have incuded the following for Java, Python and VB:
    Setup Advice
    How to Connect to a MySQL DB
    A few examples of executing SQL

    @Denis The Apppendix for PHP will be released very soon.

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