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  • Kate Farrell


    I’ve written a guide to the outcomes and benchmarks and what kind of learning I would expect to see from learners at Level 3. I’d love comments and feedback please! Feel free to comment in the doc, or to email me directly (kate@katefarrell.co.uk)

    I am doing some work for Moray House on developing a Secondary version of the Primary guide that we wrote (free at teachcs.scot – please share with your clusters!).

    I will also be developing units of work for a school with the aim of sharing these with schools who are using non-subject specialists to teach S1/2. We would like to get a small team of teachers to feedback on the resources. If you’re interested, please email me for more information.

    I was also wondering if anyone had looked at writing a kid-friendly version of the outcomes?? A primary teacher asked me for this, and it wasn’t something I’d thought of needing before. I’m wondering if anyone has done any work on this already?

    Many thanks,


    Kate Farrell

    The Early Years / Primary guide has links to Computing Science resources mapped to the Scottish Curriculum. I’m now writing the Secondary Guide.

    Please help me collate resources that you use for Level 3/4 Computing! There’s a Google form here for submitting your favourite and useful resources, links, useful sites, or upload resources you’ve created that you’re happy to share.

    Thanks everyone!!


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