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  • David Jack

    With the current structure of examinations and qualifications being torn apart and put back together again I am interested in what changes other Computing teachers think should happen to our subject in order to improve Scottish education overall?

    For example:
    Should be scrap examinations for our subject and rely on practical assessments?
    Should we keep exams and make them open book?
    Will an increase in internally assessed work throughout the year have a negative effect on work load for teachers?

    How do other computers feel about the “exit exam” approach (one exam at the end of 2/3 years rather than one a year)?
    Should Highers be scrapped and will be all move to SCQF?

    Will this result in a postcode lottery with some skills focusing on traditional examination style subjects and others catching credits where they can that will contribute to an overall diploma? (this model seems to resemble a grammar school system for my liking)

    I haven’t quite answered all these questions for myself yet but I am keen to see what the wider Community of Computing Teachers thinks.

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