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  • Alasdair Sharp

    Hi everyone,

    We got an email from DressCode (dresscode.org.uk) offering an award for Computing Science. From what I can see this is a certificate for the pupil and their name up on a website, but they do offer resources for a coding club aimed at narrowing the gender gap in CS.

    Has anyone worked with them before? Is what they’re offering worthwhile?


    Toni Scullion

    Hi Alasdair,

    I’m a Scottish Computing Science teacher and the founder of the charity dressCode. I can confirm that it is an award schools will receive and to be used as a permanent feature of their annual school award ceremony to recognise best female pupil in Computing Science, see image below. The award will get handed along to a new pupil each year but there is a certificate that can be provided along with the award so the pupil has something so keep and we will have their name featured on our roll of honour list on our site so future employers/college/uni can confirm this award as well.


    We have had a great response so far and are going to be sending out the first set of awards to schools this weekend. I hope this helps.

    As mentioned in your post we also have an online portal and resources for schools to run a dressCode club for girls. We are also partnered with Young STEM Leader awards so senior pupils that help run clubs can achieve their Young STEM Leader award. that has SCQF points. We run several online competitions each year open to primary and secondary pupils, our most popular recently being the Cyber Advent Calendar that had over 25,000 unique interactions.

    I hope this clears everything up. Happy to answer any questions and help where I can.


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