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Darren Brown

Having been involved in the CS process there was a lot of talk about “aspirational vs accessible” CS, it is difficult as there is supposed to be a CS curriculum taught from Nursery to S3 and the framework has to set that out.  In reality we know only too well the majority of pupils are not getting any CS and very few are getting anywhere near enough CS time in the BGE.

I personally was happy more theory came in S1-3 to give our subject the proper weight and not just “kids on computers” but I did want N5 to continue this same theory in a bit more depth as colleagues in other subjects get to do so it is not all brand new when hit S4.

Obviously the issue is the N5 has built on top of what is outlined in the BGE meaning the current generation of kids in BGE are really going to struggle to access the course and I’m not seeing CS getting more time in the majority of schools I communicate with.  Unless the government properly push CS and fund it as a main priority across BGE I worry numbers at SQA will drop even further.

And of course Digital Literacy should be taught be all across a school 😉