BCS launches bursary in commemoration of Turing Centenary
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Charlie Love
April 15, 2012


Via Jeremy Scott:

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has launched the BCS Education Bursary in celebration of Alan Turing’s centenary year.

The BCS Education Bursary aims to promote the importance of computer science as an academic discipline. With £30,000 potentially available, the Institute aims to assist between 30 and 60 different computing-related projects. Schools, colleges and universities across the UK can apply for funds, of either £500 or £1000, to help them deliver projects that will enable learners to benefit from computing-related studies and are consistent with the aims of the Institute’s Royal Charter.

Bill Mitchell, Director BCS Academy of Computing says: “The Institute has long been campaigning for better computer science teaching and this year, the centenary year of Alan Turing’s birth, we have really seen our efforts pay dividends. In January, Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, publicly endorsed the importance of teaching computer science in schools. The BCS Education Bursary is the first of several initiatives BCS is working on to support schools who want to teach computer science.

Bill adds: “In the same way students have the opportunity to learn physics, chemistry, and biology we should offer every student the opportunity to learn the workings of the digital systems that pervade their world. The UK has a great history of innovation, it is important we continue to nurture talent and give people the right opportunities to create.”

To apply for the BCS Education Bursary, educational institutions are being asked to complete an online application form, giving details of their proposed project and measurements for its success. A panel of judges (to be announced shortly) from industry and academia will consider each application on its merits.

Bill Mitchell continues: “There are thousands of different educational institutions that could potentially apply for the BCS Education Bursary. The funding will give all types of institutions the opportunity to work together and improve their offering in computer science. This can be done in a range of ways from setting up after-school clubs to providing training events for teachers or through establishing entrepreneurship activities for university undergraduates. The main aim is to improve the understanding of computer science and promote its application in honour of Alan Turing.”

The BCS Education Bursary commemorates the centenary year of Alan Turing’s birth whose contribution to computer science is still recognised today amongst academics and professionals.

“Alan Turing is the founding father of computer science to a lot of people, and his work is some of the most profound and sublime ever to be produced in any field of science” says Bill Mitchell. “As it’s his centenary year, what better way to celebrate such an exceptional man than to encourage people to learn and apply computer science through this bursary.”

To apply for the BCS Education Bursary, please use the online application form.

The closing date for applications is 1 June 2012 with winners being announced on25 June 2012.

For further information on the BCS Education Bursary, please visit:www.bcs.org/bcsbursary

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