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Charlie Love
January 24, 2012

Via Colin Maxwell:

CPD event coming up soon for NPA Computer Games – online, then a face-to-face session in Stirling on 28th February.


SQA Academy logoNPA Computer Games Development.
This course is designed to provide support for the delivery and assessment of the NPA Computer Games Development.

The course begins on Tuesday 14 February 2012.  Delegates will be instructed to explore the online materials that will be made available on the SQA Academy.  This exploration will take place at any time and any place before the face-to-face event on Tuesday 28 February 2012 at Scotland’s Colleges in Stirling.

This course will focus on classroom activities and resources that can be used for the delivery of the NPA Computer Games Development or related games courses.
The course will be delivered by Colin Maxwell who has delivered the NPA Computer Games Development since it began in 2010. Colin was also involved writing some of the support material for the qualification.
Delegates would find it useful to bring along a USB stick to save resources.


  • to share a wide range of classroom activities and resources that can be used in the delivery and assessment of the NPA Computer Games Development
  • to consider SQA’s evidence requirements and the integration of the 3 units that comprise the NPA
  • to provide ideas on how to deliver some of the core skills as part of the NPA
3 Responses
  1. So…we didn’t anticipate how popular this was going to be. We’ve already scheduled another session in March, but it’s fully booked now too. Looking at a possible third date in June…

  2. Given the immense need for this course, can’t even more be put on? There are so many issues with the Descriptors and the ASP that those of us who are delivering the NPA would welcome the opportunity to sort out what’s what.

  3. Another date is coming in April or May. If you’ve got questions, this might be a good forum to raise them as there are several of the writers in the group who should be able to answer the questions.

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