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Charlie Love
December 21, 2011

A great many people will have missed some important information in Mike Russell’s announcement on teacher recruitment on Monday.  The full text of the announcement can be read here but the part we should all pay attention to is:

We will also look carefully at the secondary subject prioritisation, particularly in relation to foreign languages and computing.

This is potentially a significant change is the position of computing in our schools.  Please post your thoughts to this forum

4 Responses
  1. The press release from the Scottish Government is available here:

  2. I would be extremely careful that we don’t read too much into this statement as it can be interpreted in either a positive or a negative way. Modern foreign language departments have been shrinking over the years in a number of schools and local authorities and the same could also be said of Computing departments. It will be interesting to see the way in which our subject specialism is re-prioritised.

  3. I think this is in response to Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, condeming British education system in the Computing sector. He discussed how there are a number of people responsible for what computing is taught to kids who wrongly think delivering ICT/GPP’s is computing rather than the promotion of Computing Science and Software Engineering which UK pupil’s lack in comparison to a lot of other countries globally.

  4. @Peter
    I understand your trepidation, Peter; however, in the context of a statement about increasing teacher numbers, I’m more inclined to take a positive view of this. For the first time in a long time, Computing is getting a mention at a senior government level.

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