Update – Lots going on!
Charlie Love
November 2, 2011

Just a quick update on some of the things going on for Computing and CompEdNet.

Courseworks are out!
Lots of activity in the CompEdNet groups about the new Computing and Information Systems courseworks. A great opportunity to share your thoughts on the these and look for assistance and advice.

Curriculum of Excellence
Education Scotland has committed to providing dedicated support materials for Computing and Information Science courses. This is because we are an area where two courses have been amalgamated. There will be an update event in late November/early December for Technologies with 10 spaces per local authority. At this event there will be information about new courses, support materials and progress to date. The event will be in Stirling or Dunblane.

Google Apps Integration
I have this working but due to pressures of work I won’t be rolling this out until sometime in the new year.

2 Responses
  1. Charlie – do you know who we get in touch with to book a place on the update event? Christine

  2. Only 10 per authority seems a bit light – the old cascade method again. Hopefully as well as reources there may also be arrangements for suitable CPD in orde that staff can develop or indeed acquire the skills required to deliver the new courses.

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