Coming Soon: Google Apps for CompEdNet
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Charlie Love
October 14, 2011

Very exciting news! As you will see from the Buddypress bar above I am almost ready to roll out Google Apps for Education integration for CompEdNet. I’m currently writing a WordPress/Buddypress plugin which will automatically provision your Google Apps for Education account when you log into CompEdNet. This should launch by the end of the month.,

These new services will give you your own email address with Microsoft Exchange like functions (including mobile support) with 7Gb of storage, CompEdNet branded Google Docs, your own Calendar, Sites to make your own interactive web sites, Google Video for Education allowing you to upload your own videos and Aviary (which provides online multimedia editing tools). These will operate on the following URLs:


If you would like to be at the bleeding edge of this fab new stuff please email me at with your CompEdNet username and I will provision you an account manually (this account will be merged with your normal CompEdNet Account when I get the plugin working).

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2 Responses
  1. some talk in blogosphere Google Apps might be coming with revamped GLOW?

  2. I am interested in this and any work arounds for the emulator

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