Welcome to the NEW CompEdNet
Charlie Love
July 18, 2011

Hello and Welcome,

CompEdNet is the Scottish Forum for Computing Science Teachers.  This new version of the community is designed to allow us to more easily share, co-operate and work with each other.  Your account has been ported from the previous installation as have all your forum posts. YOU WILL HAVE TO REQUEST A NEW PASSWORD. To do this click the Log In link in the blue bar above and click the Lost Your Password link.  If you are still having problems then please email me at charlie.love@compednet.com.

You have been made a member of every group.  Groups have activity threads, private forums and you can invite your CompEdNet friends to your own groups to.  Most of the CompEdNet groups are Private which means, as before, that we can be sure that discussions are secure. Each Group has a Document area where you can share documents with others. I am in the process of porting useful documents from the old site to these new groups.

All the activities in a group are recorded in the activity stream and you won’t have to go too far to see what has been happening in the forums, documents, blog and other areas of the site.

You can subscribe to receive group updates by email. There are five email options and you will need to chose one for each of the groups you want to receive mail from. I do hope to get email posts to group forums up and running at some time but for now you can receive notifications and links to the new posts.  You have very fine control over the emails you receive and you can even “mute” mail from particular topics in the forums.  If you want to receive emails then you need to make that selection yourself in EACH of your groups.

You can add colleagues to your friends list. And you can create your own groups too and invite your friends to them. This lets you use CompEdNet as more than just a forum.  It’s a real community!

Please let me know what you think and what else you would like to see in CompEdNet via the site discussion group.

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